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Friday, November 26, 2010

Haiti's Global Citizen: Give a Minute or a Dollar - Your Chance to Share Your Ideas to Make a Difference in Haiti

Which one would you like to participate in? Give a minute of your time to share ideas to improve the living conditions in Haiti or send in $1 to a charitable organization to help Haitians stricken by the recent quake and current cholera epidemic? While both ideas are noble, we would like you to think about the long-term difference you can make by sharing your ideas for a stronger, and much improved Caribbean neighbor.

Give a Minute or a Dollar is an opportunity for you to help address old and new problems facing Haiti with brilliantly new ideas. No longer will you be consumers of the tragic news coming from Haiti! Now you will be co-sharers of ideas that have the potential of changing Haiti for good. You will have a vested interest in seeing things change there. Your ideas may improve various sectors of the country, from the economy, education, to public transportation without forgetting the colossal tasks of rubble removal, planning in a country where land rights can mean life or death if dealt with in the wrong way etc.

Who is paying attention to your ideas and recommendations?

This blog is read by the powerful members of the international community represented in Haiti by their own organizations, members of the Haitian government and international committees created to focus on the Haitian issues and rebuilding. For sure, your ideas will be taken into consideration. The best ideas that we cull from this exchange will be published with an acknowledgement to the writer and submitter (first name only).

How to Submit your Ideas?

Send your ideas to HelpHaitiQuake@Gmail.com. Once again, the best ideas in various categories will be published on this blog. Here is a list of the categories:

Rubble Removal
Rebuilding Plans
Education: School Rebuilding
Harness the Religious Sector's Strength and Presence to Develop Haiti
Entrepreneurship - MicroFinances and Small Business Development with Women at the center
Building Code-enforced Homes
Accentuating the Positive in Haitian Culture: Language, Music, and Teamwork known as Tet Ansanm or Konbit
How to Address the Insecurity issues

How to Move the Median street dwellers to safer housing

How to Finance large-scale infrastructures projects in Haiti: Where will the Haitian find the money?

How to Improve Haiti's Ecology, Environment, agriculture and Organizational Leadership

You too can add your own category as in "Sharer's Own Category Idea"

Note that you can share your ideas in the "Post your Comment Box" below

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