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Friday, November 5, 2010

Haitians Stuck Between Monster Hurricane Tomas and The Tent Camps

And the rain announcing the arrival of hurricane Tomas starts falling! Chaos in the tent camps!  Where to go to find shelter when most buildings were destroyed?  Churches and schools are an answer!
Despite all the warnings by the Haitian government and members of the international community in Haiti, many of the Haitians who have been living the government-built and provided tents refuse to leave.  They are afraid that they will lose everything, including their meager belongings.  We already know that hurricane Tomas killed more than 50 people in Saint Lucia and caused millions of dollar in property damages.
To choose to stay in the tents is incomprehensible at this time.  With nowhere safe to turn to, most Haitians decide to ride the rain lashes and hurricane winds in their camps.

Various news reports have been presenting the situation in Haiti:
Find out what NPR's Jason Beaubien has been reporting on the uncoming hurricane:


Panic and Tensions Rise with the Approach of Tropical Storms and Hurricanes in Tent Camps

High tensions and Panic occurred at the refugee camps in Haiti over the news that the tents are not safe and that the residents have to leave them behind to seek shelter!

Voice of America Presents this Video

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