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Monday, December 19, 2011

Oprah Visits Sean Penn's Encampment, Magalie Dresse's Caribbean Craft Art Workshop, and Dines with President Martelly (Sweet Micky)

Oprah Winfrey's Sightings: When The Fame of Hollywood as Represented by Oprah Winfrey, Sean Penn, Fashion Designer Donna Karan Descends to Haiti, Great Things Can Happen.

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From December 11 to December 13, 2011, Haiti received the visit of a very important members of the American community. Oprah Winfrey decided to pay a visit to her good friend, famous actor Sean Penn. She wanted to embark on the new phase of her lifework. Oprah wanted to visit projects that are making a difference in people's lives. That is why she has been seen in Sean Penn's arms as she went over hills and descended over loose earth and gravels in a Haiti that is reeling from the January 2010 quake. Oprah has decided to use her fame and the power of her name and brand for a good cause. Just a few years after the quake, the plight of the Haitian people continues, but the established media's impact is not there. CNN did a good job reporting during and immediately after the quake. But, its cameras and staff have been busy filming other hot spots. Since the Haitian quake, there have been many other world events that took place. CNN and all the rest of the international media could not dwell on the daily misery of the Haitian people. Nothing to reproach them! That is the nature of the news cycle or news business! Go where there is breaking news!

So it makes sense that important people such as Oprah, Bill Clinton, Sean Penn, Donna Karan and others are carving time out of their busy schedule for Haiti. Haiti needs these people to light an eternal candle for her. She needs investments that will create jobs for her sons and daughters, the survivors of perennial economic hardships and crimes. Everyone hopes that the benefits of these investments will trickle down to the mass. Obviously, due to the lack of infrastructures, many small business owners and entrepreneurs will not be the first ones to see those investments. Better than or equal to remittances sent by Haitians living in the large diaspora, the investments made in Haiti will employ more and more people, thus giving them a reason to say no to risky travels to the States and other nearby islands.

Oprah Visited Caribbean Art Craft Workshop Owner Magalie Dresse

Oprah has an established track record of supporting and empowering women. Her visit to Haiti would not be complete without visiting a woman who is making a difference in Haitians' lives. She decided to spend some time with business owner, Magalie Dresse, who has been running the store and workshop, Caribbean Craft. Oprah realizes that Haiti needs millions of Magalie Dresses who will create opportunities for local artisanat. She realizes that other Hollywood celebs can find true reasons to explain their fame if they decide to work on worthy causes. She is well familiar with the work and efforts of Donna Karan in finding vending venues for Haitian art and clothing.

All we can say is good job to these women for their decision to support this grassroots effort. Haiti only needs open doors and opportunities. Innovative and creative Haitians living on and off the island can do so much more if they are given the opportunity to play with the big boys of trade. So free trade status will help a whole lot.

The same week, Haiti received the visit of many other famous people. Muslim leader, Louis Farakhan, was also in Haiti. He helped bring potable water to a community. Even Kim Kardashian, her mother, sisters and posse were also in Haiti. In order to rebuild Haiti, everyone needs to bring their own little contribution.

President Martelly made Oprah promise to return to Haiti. And she did. So we will see Oprah back in Haiti some day. At least her projects will be there!

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Article prepared by IndieReadersRock@Gmail.com

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