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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Eritaj Foundation Inc. Announces Ambassador of Hope 2010 for Haiti

Eritaj Foundation Inc. Announces

 Jacques Borges & Carl Fombrun

The title of Ambassador of Hope is given to a person who represents Haiti via his/her trade and presents a consistent, visual, tangible expression of its culture and richness. One who promotes a healthier legacy for Haiti by contributing to the advancement of education, Haitian art, music, community health and development. One who serves as a catalyst and lends his/her influence to creating possibilities, opening doors of opportunities on behalf of Haiti and its people. Both Mr. Borges and Mr. Fombrun have for many decades labored in their respective fields to fulfill this great calling.

Join Eritaj and the Haitian community of Boston to recognize their lifetime achievement at a  socio-cultural fair, " Legacy, Remembering the Past and Envisioning the Future", where they will receive the 2010 Ambassador of Hope for Haiti award. 

Carl Fombrun, Ambassador of Hope 2010 for Haiti

Mr. Carl Fombrum has carried through the years several hats as an ambassador to Costa Rica and Panama, actor, sports champion, as well as editor, columnist, radio and TV broadcaster. A graduate in World and American History, Mr. Fombrun was born in Port au Prince in June 15, 1932 and attended Mount St. Charles Academy in Woonsocket, Rhode Island for in the late 1940s.

Mr. Fombrun has presented several conferences on Haitian and American History at the Miami Dade Community College, FIU South and North, and at the Miami Dade Kendall Library among others. He is the recipient of numerous awards and certificates of appreciation, namely from the Haitian Cultural Community Board and the office of Mayor Alex Penelas from the Miami-Dade County where he currently resides. 
Carl lives well by his motto, "Strength, Unity, and Hope" and has dedicated tens of thousands of hours to educate and inform the public through his blog which has received reviews in networks and publications such asLeNouvelliste, Haiti en March, Kiskeya Herald,  Radio Carnivale, Island TV and the Haitian Times.www.fombrun.com

Jacques Borges, Ambassador of Hope 2010 for Haiti

Jacques Borges was born on November 15, 1934 in Port-au-Prince. He attended l'Université d'Etat d'Haïti and matriculated at L'Ecole Polytechnique d'Haïti where he received his degree in Civil Engineering in 1959. He later went to Suffolk University and obtained a Masters in Business Administration.

After several engagements with 
cities such as New York, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Mr. Borges has settled in Massachusetts where he currently serves as the city of Brockton's engineer, works with the Commissioner of Public works and the MayorHe was selected in 1999 by the Boston Society of Civil Engineers, a branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers, as the recipient of the prestigious Lester Gaynor award, established in 1982.
Lovingly referred to as the godfather of the Haitian community of Boston, Jacques is deeply committed to a renewed Haiti. He provides services to scores of Haitian institutions in various capacities. A founding member of the Haitian American Council Foundation and the musical band Volo-Volo de Boston, he was the general secretary of the Comité de Soutien et du Development de sport en Haïti and a treasurer of La Fondation Haïtienne de reconnaissance du Mérite, as well as the Haïtian American Public Health Initiative, one of the largest Haïtian health agencies in Massachusetts. 

The Eliezer Romeus Prize
We rejoice in honoring the memory of Mr.Eliezer Romeus, (a true Ambassador of Hope, who perished in the January 12, 2010 earthquake) with the Eliezer Romeus Prize.  Mr. Romeus's legacy will leave on in the hearts and minds of future generations for decades of unremitting commitment to Haiti and the Haitian communities of Massachusetts, Haiti and beyond.
The Eliezer Romeus Prize will go to a Health project to help curb the Cholera health issue Haiti is currently facing. The public is invited to join Eritaj in selecting the recipient of this prize.
Marc St. Clair
Eritaj Foundation Inc.
Executive Board Member
Barbara Cajuste
Executive Board Member
Eritaj Foundation Inc
About Eritaj
Eritaj Foundation seeks to promote organizational, social and economic development in Haiti since 1999. A community organization based in Framingham, MA and Port au Prince Haiti, Eritaj (Haitian Creole for heritage) works with numerous grassroots organizations
including churches, clinics, schools and community based actions for sustainable socio-economic change. www.eritajfoundation.org

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