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Monday, October 15, 2018

Goudougoudou: In the Eyes of the Hurricane and Epicenter of the Earthquake

Book Review:

"In the Eyes of the Hurricane and Epicenter of the Earthquake" is a new series of books and ebooks about the effects and impacts of climate change specially to coastal cities and communities all over the world. It tells the stories of the survivors such as business owners, single mothers, persons of color, immigrants, families and children who suffer the most. The book tells the stories of survivors who lose loved ones, their business, job, church, and schools. Some of them have to move away from the only home and community they have ever known. Rebuilding will take years and lots of money. When they did not have the right disaster insurance, they may never live in what used to be their paradise. The few survivors who can rebuild will have to build according to the new codes, raise their new homes and business to prevent a future devastation.

Buy a copy of 'In the Eyes of the Hurricane and Epicenter of the Quake' from Amazon.com

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